An oil & gas, environmentally solution focused organization.

We provide natural gas processing equipment designed to eliminate diesel consumption & replace with clean burning, British Columbia produced natural gas.

Our natural gas processing equipment is designed to handle raw natural gas from a well head or pipeline, refine the raw gas to a clean, efficient fuel gas used to energize dual fuel, diesel internal combustion engines. On a daily basis we displace diesel use on average by 67%, within heating operations diesel consumption is completely eliminated burning clean natural gas.

We've eliminated 860,000 litres of diesel on a single project over a short 12 day period.

You'll often find us on drilling & completion locations supplying clean natural gas to: Turbines, Frac & Drilling Rig Horsepower, all Frac Water & Boiler Heating applications.

Pipeline pigging operations, we have stand alone, self sufficient process equipment designed to handle process gas streams, removing & handling processed hydrocarbon & water liquids.

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