2018 UFV Distinguished Alumni Award Nominee
Recipient of BC Aboriginal Business Award, in 2013

Fine Art and Art to Wear
Original fine art, signed prints, art cards and art to wear are available to purchase online. visit www.lisashepherd.ca

Beadwork & Moccasins Teaching
Lisa will visit your community group and teach up to twelve participants over the course of a weekend. Whether your workshop is taught to introduce beginners to a new art or to 'level up' the skills and techniques of your existing stitching circle, Lisa will bring cultural teachings and stories that your participants will connect with.

School Visits
Métis art promotes the exploration of how we connect as people of the land. Lisa offers workshops for K-12 for half day or full day to delve into Métis culture in both a historical and contemporary context.

​​Métis Jigging Workshops & Performances
Lisa offers workshops and weekly classes, as well as performances for special events. Métis jigging dates back to the pioneering days of our European grandfathers, but is still celebrated today with performances and competitions happening right across the country. The dance is influenced by both European folk dance and Indigenous prairie dance. It is often danced on an irregular beat ("crooked" music") to live fiddle music. The dance is upbeat and lively.

Lisa Shepherd, Métis Artist
P: 604-908-7965
W: lisashepherd.ca